Top 15 Best e mount auto-focus third party lens

Third party lenses can be a great way to get extra functionality or just add a bit of extra fun to your photography. There are many great options available, and e mount lenses are no exception. They can be a fantastic value for the money, and they can provide some amazing results. If you’re looking for a cheap third party lens for your Sony a7, then you’ll definitely want to check out these options.

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What things choose Before Buying e mount Autofocus third party lens

If you’re looking to invest in a quality third-party lens for your Sony a7 camera, but don’t want to break the bank, we’ve put together a list of our top picks. All of these lenses are affordable and provide great value for your money, making them perfect additions to your camera kit. Whether you’re after a wide-angle lens or a specialist lens for landscapes or wildlife photography, we’ve got you covered.

What is an e mount lens?

An e mount lens is a type of lens that uses an electronic connection to the camera body, rather than using the traditional screw-on mount. This allows for more compact and lightweight cameras, as well as increased flexibility in terms of lens design and compatibility. Third party lenses made specifically for e mount cameras are often cheaper and more versatile than their screw-mount counterparts.

What are the benefits of using an e mount lens?

E mount lenses are becoming more popular as third party lens choice for DSLR photography. Here are some benefits of using an e mount lens:
-They autofocus much faster than regular lenses.
-They offer a higher quality image since they have more precision in the construction.
-They typically come with a wider aperture, which makes it possible to take photos in low light conditions with less noise.
-Some e mount lenses also have image stabilization, so you can take pictures without having to worry about shaky hands.

What are the different types of autofocus lenses available for e mount cameras?

There are a variety of autofocus lenses available for e mount cameras, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are the different types of autofocus lenses and their respective features:

Standard lens: This is the most common type of autofocus lens, and it’s typically the smallest and lightest option. It has a simple focusing system that uses contrast detection to locate the subject. Standard lenses are good for general photography, as they’re easy to use and provide good results overall.

Zoom lens: Zoom lenses allow you to change the focal length without having to purchase a new camera body. They offer more versatility than standard lenses, as you can use them for both general photography and video shooting.

What are some factors to consider when choosing an autofocus lens for an e mount camera?

When choosing an autofocus lens for an e mount camera, some factors to consider include the type of sensor the camera uses, the focal length and aperture desired, and the lens’ compatibility with other accessories such as filters and flash. For cameras that use a mirrorless system, such as the Sony A7 series, it’s important to look for lenses with a fast autofocus speed so that shutter lag is minimal when shooting video. Lenses that are designed specifically for mirrorless systems can often have faster focusing speeds than traditional lenses. Additionally, many third-party lenses designed for e mount cameras offer excellent image quality due to their small size and light weight.


Third party lenses can be a great addition to any e mount camera system. With autofocus and the ability to use manual focus, they provide an extra level of control and flexibility for photographers. They also offer a wider range of options, making it easier to find the right lens for your needs.

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